The Demand Of Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip hop jewelry is customized jewelry which is made up of stones and precious metals. This jewelry tops the demand in the wholesale market. This jewelry is made to order and is expensive as compared to other jewelries. wholesale hip hop jewelry uses the rap style for producing them in semi precious and precious metal and stones. Great emphasis is paid on the fine detailing and settings of the small stones and metal. Small diamonds are mainly used in this jewelry.

wholesale Hip hop jewelry is also referred as bling bling, as these are worn by celebrities who showcase their exquisite collection to their fans. These are expensive jewelry which includes flashy earrings, pendants and rings. The credit for this jewelry goes to the hip hop artist, B.G who used the word bling bling as a catchphrase in his song.Hip hop jewelry is a sign of being wealthy as these are expensive and cost more than other kinds of jewelry.hip hop jewelry uses intricate designs in abundance which attracts attention and catches the eye.

wholesale hip hop jewelryThe popularity of this jewelry started when the hip hop artists started to wear them which added more splash to their appearance. The various kinds of hip hop jewelry includes iced out, bling bling, bracelets, rings and watches which is encrusted with faux or real diamonds and the recent popular item of this jewelry is spinner rings and watches. Hip hop jewelry was primarily made with precious metals like gold and platinum, but due to increasing price of these metals, the makers’ started using other less expensive alternative like silver and stainless steel.

With the changing times wholesale hip hop jewelry was available at a lesser price in silver and stainless steel and was studded with rhinestones and cubic zirconias which were now very affordable.